February 27, 2020

What is a “Closed Period of Disability” and Should You ask for it?

Sometimes the evidence in a Social Security disability claim does not support a finding of on-going disability.  Sometimes the medical record documents improvement in your condition and sometimes there simply is not evidence – often because you may not have the money to afford treatment.  While some judges will give disability claimants the benefits of the doubt, other judges will not and you should have a “plan B” if your judge expresses concern about whether your medical record supports your claim.

Sometimes it can make sense to consider asking the judge for a “closed period of disability.”  In this video, I explain what closed period is and why it can sometimes be a good strategy. I also discuss a recent case I tried in which my client will be approved for a closed period.

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Jonathan Ginsberg represents clients in disability claims filed with the Social Security Administration.

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