February 27, 2020

Over Age 50? You Have a Huge Advantage When Applying for Social Security Disability

Understanding the “Grid Rules”

Social Security recognizes that individuals who are 50 years old or older, and who have a limited education and limited work skills will have a more difficult time entering into the workforce.  The “grid rules” (officially called the medical-vocational guidelines) provide a structure whereby judges can find a claimant disabled even if that claimant can still do certain kinds of work.

Unless you are illiterate or unable to communicate in English, the grid rules apply to claimants who are 50 years old or older and who have a physical impairment.   I have published a web site specifically about the grid rules – the address is http://www.gridrules.net.

The following video demonstrates how the grid rules work and how you can use free resources on the Internet to see if the grid rules apply to you.  You will need to click on the video icon, which will open a full screen video.

[mc id=”85″ type=”file”]Grid Rules video[/mc]