September 17, 2019

Episode 5

My husband was injured in a job related accident 2002. He went though surgury a fusion on his neck. We get workman comp. right now. He has alway tried to work where now he’s had to quit. We have attorney on this and all. But the doctor and all told him he needs to apply for social security disability. He has chronic nerve damage, he can’t use he left arm without feeling a lot of pain. Doctors say it’s going to get worse though the years. He’s applied for it once and got turned down. But at that time he was still working some. But, what all that is going on with him, he got charged with a felony, It was over pot. What I’m wondering would that stop he’s chance of getting disability. If it isn’t can you advise me on where to go from here on this? Thank you, April S.

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