February 27, 2020

Episode 21 – Complex Social Security, Workers Comp, Bankruptcy and Med Mal Problem

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Here is a question I received by email from a lady named Brenda.  She raises a number of issues, Social Security, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, the timing of her Social Security application and even medical malpractice.   If Social Security disability was a law school class, this would be a final exam question:

I was injured in may of 2004, my workers comp case is still pending. My question is that I have applied for disablity but I have been denied 3 times. Not sure if I should apply now or wait until I settle my comp case. Please let me know if that is what I need to do, I have also talked to your staff but did not go any further due to this concern. Also I
had to file bankrupsty and it will be over in July , should I wait for that to be over before I file for disabilty. My injures are crushed ankle, back injury that cannot be operated on, and got staph when my comp doctor gave me a shot in my ankle, they mess around on who was at fault and in the meantime after my frist surgery I was not cared for enough due to the cliaming who was at fault.  THen the staph went into my bone had 2 have another surgery,
thanks for your time