February 27, 2020

About Jonathan

Social Security disability expert Jonathan GinsbergI created the ssdRadio podcast in March, 2006 to answer questions I see again and again from visitors to my web site and blog.  Often it is easier for me to answer these questions with a quick video or audio recording and some issues are more easily explained by talking rather than writing.

If you have any questions about the Social Security process that you would like me to answer, please drop me a line.  I hope you can understand that I cannot offer legal advice or predict what might happen in your case.

There are a lot of things about the Social Security disability process which are illogical and make no sense.  My goal with this site is to help you understand what is really going on.   I also want to use this podcast to offer my “big picture” analysis about how I approach various types of cases.

If you enjoy these episodes, please “vote” for them by using the social media floating sidebar – this will help me spread the word about this site.  I also publish several other Social Security disability sites that you may find useful:

Social Security disability blog – this is a companion site to this podcast

Georgia Social Security disability attorney – this is my law practice site

Disability Answer Guide – this is my first “how to” book about the Social Security disability process

Child SSI Disability Answer Guide – this is a workbook I sell about the child SSI process

Grid Rules site – this is a site that explains Social Security’s medical-vocational guidelines or “grid rules”

Social Security Disability TV – this is a site where I showcase videos produced by Social Security lawyers throughout the country