February 27, 2020

Episode 21 – Complex Social Security, Workers Comp, Bankruptcy and Med Mal Problem

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Here is a question I received by email from a lady named Brenda.  She raises a number of issues, Social Security, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, the timing of her Social Security application and even medical malpractice.   If Social Security disability was a law school class, this would be a final exam question:

I was injured in may of 2004, my workers comp case is still pending. My question is that I have applied for disablity but I have been denied 3 times. Not sure if I should apply now or wait until I settle my comp case. Please let me know if that is what I need to do, I have also talked to your staff but did not go any further due to this concern. Also I
had to file bankrupsty and it will be over in July , should I wait for that to be over before I file for disabilty. My injures are crushed ankle, back injury that cannot be operated on, and got staph when my comp doctor gave me a shot in my ankle, they mess around on who was at fault and in the meantime after my frist surgery I was not cared for enough due to the cliaming who was at fault.  THen the staph went into my bone had 2 have another surgery,
thanks for your time

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  1. mary ann white says

    i am a 59 year old female. i have worked as a cna and asst. mngr. in a job that deals with lots of issues and long hours. my son was killed in iraq in june 2009. that night i had many horrifing dreams that i find out later, are pretty much how and what happened. i pretty much knew there was something wrong with me. i went to the va for counsuling and was told to meditate. things went real bad after that. i took a part time care for elderly job. i couldn’t remember the meds, timing. i had severe panic and anxiety attacks. i ended up in the er and was sent to a psychitrist. i was diagonosed with full blown ptsd., anxiety and depression. no longer able to work, i filed for ssi and ssd. i was denied on both. reconsideration also denied. i was told to work in plastics. seeing that i can’t drive because of disosiation and being 59 and no plastics place around, i decided to go for the hearing. i had to hire an attorney and get social security to tell me wher i worked and what i did from the very beginning. i could not

    concentrate or fill out my papers. now i am waiting for my hearing, and have to file bankruptcy, and my husband has left me. has been almost a i year since i applied. i know that is not a long time when it comes to ssd but i need to know wher i can go for help. my lawyer didn’t even mention ssi to me after my husband left. my husband said he will keep insurance on me for as long as i need. now i am even more depressed and actually thinking about how i wouldn’t be in this position if i wasn’t here.

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