April 16, 2014

How to Choose the Correct Onset Date for Your Disability Claim

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Here is a question received from a reader that touches on the issue of  how to choose the correct “onset date” for disability when there have been multiple, unsuccessful job attempts:

I have a brother who is a professional businessman who has tried many times to maintain a job through a devastating illness.  Over the past two years he has had a job for a few months unable to do the job and the company has let him go , he was able to collect unemployment , thought and hoped he could do another job, same thing happens, unable to complete days, lots of missed days, they let him go, he collects unemployment..repeat scenario three more times.  I have convinced him to apply for social security disability (he should have done it some time ago) but what would you recommend for using the date of unable to work?   Also, he has no more savings and unemployment runs out nest month..then nothing.. should he apply for SSI as well?


Jonathan Ginsberg represents clients in disability claims filed with the Social Security Administration.


  1. i have been denied at the hearing level and was told to appeal and to file a new application.

    i was trying to work part time and i ended up making 1000 a month which is over SGA i am also 45 years old.

    SO i have not stopped working all together and am wondering what date i should put on my new application.?

    the original date was october 31.2006

    should i use the day i stopped working all together or the original date? thank you so much.

  2. What is meant by Onset date and how could we resolve this issue

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